Hackintosh For HP Spectre x360 Late 2018

EFI download:


  • macOS: 11.15.7 Catalina
  • Model: HP Spectre x360 15-df0011tx
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-8750H
  • iGPU: Intel Graphics UHD 630
  • RAM: 16GB
  • Storage: TOSHIBA XG5 KXG50ZNV1T02 NVMe
  • Audio: Realtek ALC285
  • USB: USB3.1 Gen2 x 1, Thunderbolt 3 x 2
  • WiFi: Intel Wireless AC 9560 160MHz
  • Bluetooth: VID 8087 PID 0AAA USB
  • Trackpad: SYNA329A
  • Touchpad: ELAN2514

What works

  • Keyboard
  • Trackpad(I2C)
  • Touchpad(I2C)
  • Built-in four speakers
  • Headphone
  • iGPU
  • USB 2.0
  • Battery
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • Lid
  • Screen brightness adjustment
  • App Store
  • iCloud

What doesn’t work

  • Built-in microphone
  • Built-in camera
  • Fingerprint

What doesn’t confirm

  • Touch pen
  • Thunderbolt 3
  • USB3.1
  • Type-C to HDMI
  • microSD card reader
  • macOS update


Installation image

Go to https://blog.daliansky.net/WeChat-First-macOS-Catalina-10.15.7-19H15-official-version-Clover-5126-OC-WEPE-supports-both-INTEL-and-AMD-original-images.html.
Boot to Clover and begin installation progress.

The provided EFI files will lead to kernel panic when booting macOS Recovery Tool, you can use this EFI after installation.

Stuck at booting Darwin

Try to boot OpenCore, press space and choose “reset nvram”.

Installation stuck at “About 2 minutes remaining”

If you have format volume to APFS before, just restart manually.

Wireless and bluetooth

Add itlwm.kext, IntelBluetoothFirmware.kext, IntelBluetoothInjector.kext and install HeliPort.



  • Clover Configurator

Choose MacBookPro15,1 and fill.



  • Hackintool
  • Clover Configurator

First open Hackintool, find Platform Id by Device Id.

Configure Clover config.plist:

Generate Patch in Hackintool:

DO NOT USE File > Export > Bootload config.plist to apply patch, it will break config.plist!
You should apply patch manually by editing config.plist using TextEdit.
This is my patch:

    <string>VGA compatible controller</string>
    <string>Intel UHD Graphics 630 (Mobile)</string>



  • Hackintool
  • Loopback

ALC285 cannot be enabled by Clover audio injection, so you need to create a patch using Hackintool.
For [email protected] using layout-id=21 can only enable the front two speakers, so I find a modified AppleALC.kext which can enable all four speakers. You can find it here https://github.com/jpuxdev/HP-Spectre-X360-13-Early-2019-Hackintosh. Thanks to jpuxdev!

Generate Patch in Hackintool and apply it manually:

This is my patch:

    <string>Multimedia audio controller</string>
    <string>Cannon Lake PCH cAVS</string>

Once 2(groups) speakers can be found in Sound, install Loopback to enable them together:

Due to that built-in microphone cannot work, I Choose my iPhone as external microphone.

DSDT(battery, I2C, brightness)


  • Clover
  • MaciASL

Use Clover to dump your DSDT and open DSDT.aml in macOS.
Apply three patches:

  • [bat]HP_Spectre_x360_apxxxx.txt
  • [I2C]HP_Spectre_x360_apxxxx.txt
  • [brightness_key]HP_Spectre_x360_apxxxx.txt
    There will be a few compile errors, but you can fixes theme easilly.

Trackpad and touchpad

Add VoodooI2C.kext, VoodooI2CHID.kext, VoodooI2CSynaptics.kext.

Stuck at shotdown and restart

Add SSDT-PMC.aml.

Stuck at login after typing password

Add NoTouchID.kext.

Built-in keyboard

Only add or keep VoodooPS2Controller.kext.


All USB2.0 and USB3.0 devices works and my device doesn’t contain any SS USB port.


Add SSDT-PLUG-DRTNIA.aml to enable options in Energy Saver.
Add boot argument “igfxrpsc=1” to improve iGPU performance.
DO NOT USE CPUFriend.kext!

PrtSc disables trackpad

You can compile a SSDT to disable PrtSc key, more info here: https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/prt-sc-disabling-trackpad.235242/.

Boot from internal storage

According to https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/hp-spectre-x360-15-regular-clover-install-or-use-preloader-efi.280104/, you need add preloader.efi and rename cloverx64.efi to loader.efi.

Size of Apple logo changes when booting

Add the following ROOT node in config.plist:



With my device, nvram is readable and wirtable but cannot clear. I don’t know how to fix it.



  • Clover Configurator

Remove useless ACPI patches: